Exceptional! See it Twice! The Whistleblower at Theater Wit (Through June 17, 2023)

Eli is a television writer attending a meeting with his agent and a Hollywood producer. He pitches the idea of a TV writer who writes about characters who fail to examine themselves. Two examples are a doctor who heals others but can’t heal himself and a lawyer who seeks justice for others, but not herself. After many rejections, the TV writer character figures out he needs to go on a journey of self discovery before he can write about these characters. The producer decides he loves the idea and that he wants Eli to write it. But just then, Eli realizes that, in fact, he needs to stop writing and go on a journey of self-reflection himself.

Photos by Charles Osgood

Itamar Moses (The Band’s Visit) has written a hilarious play very reminiscent of the great Office Space film. In both, the main characters discover they don’t like the path they are on and that they need to make big changes. Also, all the people around them think they are crazy for trying to make these changes. And lastly, both of them are very smart and funny.

Ben Faigus (Workaholics) is outstanding as Eli on this road of introspection. The audience truly connects with him. Michael Kostroff (The Wire) is so funny as the hard-to-please producer and as Eli’s father trying to become a filmmaker. William Anthony Sebastion Rose II is hilarious as the old best friend and agent. Julia Alvarez is stellar as the girlfriend and best friend’s wife. Rae Gray (Domesticated) is exceptional as the secretary, Eli’s sister, and his ex-girlfriend. RJW Mays (True West) is great as the mother trying to help too much. Lastly, Andrew Jessop (Clue) is so funny as the Big Lebowski-like character living on a boat.

Cost of a ticket: $36

PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Exceptional Value

Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother

Get tickets now for The Whistleblower through June 17th!

Quinn Delaney


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