A Night to Remember! Natalie Merchant at The Chicago Theatre (May 19, 2023)

Natalie Merchant began her musical career with the 10,000 Maniacs. In 1993, she left the band due to a lack of creative control. 10,000 Maniacs are still touring today. They last played in Chicago at the City Winery in February 2022. See the setlist here.

At tonight’s show, Natalie asks who is in love in the audience. Some people cheer and raise their hands. She says the next song is for the lovers. She goes on to sing “The Worst Thing”. “So you’re in love, that’s so good for you. Live it up girl ’cause it never lasts long.” The audience laughs after this line because at first it seemed like it was going to be a joyful love song.

To end the first set, she sings “Wonder” from her 1995 debut solo album, Tigerlily. “To know I must be one of the wonders, God’s own creation / And as far as you see, you can offer me no explanation.” This song has stood the test of time and still sounds great today. Natalie’s voice also still sounds excellent as she twirls across the stage.

To close the second set, they play “Kind & Generous” from her 1998 album, Ophelia. This is her most popular song on Spotify with over 44 million streams. It ends with a big singalong. “Oh, I want to thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you / I want to thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you”. The crowd continues singing this on their way to their cars.

To end the night, they play “These Are Days” from the 1992 10,000 Maniacs album, Our Time in Eden. “These are days you’ll remember / When May is rushing over you with desire.” This surely will be a day in May to remember.

See the full setlist here.

Cost of a ticket: $105 (Orchestra Side)

PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Worth It –

Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother

Quinn Delaney


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