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Challenging! Art Room Events Presents Halloween Six Rooms at Escape Artistry (October 30, 2020)

You are part of a team of doctors exploring the memories of a psychiatric patient. Your goal? Figure out the culprit of a gruesome murder! Many of the characters you meet in the memories have a motive for killing the victim. Some of them provide unreliable information as they are either drunk, or crazy. A few of memories take place before the murder has even taken place. It makes for a very challenging case.

The rooms are very well decorated to bring the story to life. Also, the actors’ costumes are spot on. Ashton Swinford and Whit Johnson are great as the lovers keeping their romance a secret. Rebecca Robert is intriguing as the suspicious chef.  Whitney Masters is excellent as the doctor leading the investigation. Jack Fogarty is solid as the drunken man full of regret. Lastly, Cat Hermes is mystifying as the psychiatric patient.  

Dare yourself to be immersed into the plotline, and you just may discover the murderer. A truly creative idea for an interactive experience!  

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Quinn Delaney

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