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Impressive! Cirque du Soleil Presents Alegria (Through February 17 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami and June 5 – 28 at Soldier Field in Chicago)

Very early in the show, a group of men come onto the stage with 15 foot long acro poles. Two men hold the end of the poles and fling the third into the air who then lands standing on the pole. It’s like the uneven bars in gymnastics, except the bars are controlled by people. It was very original and quite impressive!

Later on, a fire dancer takes the stage. He is holding sticks where both ends can hold fire. Only one end is lit at first, so he lights his hand on fire to transfer the fire to the other end. This is insane! He also puts the fire end of the sticks in his mouth and holds up the fire directly on his feet. He must be fire proof!


The first half ends with a giant snowstorm. A plethora of white confetti is blown around with bright white lights shining everywhere. It would be better if the light didn’t shine directly into the audience’s face. Still, it is a cool scene.


A man and a woman come out to do a performance with aerial straps. The exciting part is that only the man has his hand through the strap. The woman just puts her hands around his neck and off they go, up high above the stage. They do this again where he is just holding her by her hands. This looks very dangerous, which is what makes it so exciting to watch.


At last, a giant net is set up about 15 feet above the stage. Up near the ceiling, a bunch of people are swinging around aerial high bars. Just beneath them, two men are swinging on a pendulum. Suddenly, one of them flips upside down. Simultaneously, one of the people flings off one of the bars into midair. They catch each other by the hands in an incredible feat. This trick takes incredible timing and must have involved many hours of practice.


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Some Fun – Miss Behave Gameshow at Bally’s Back Room (Open Run)

Name that tune is one of the first games. They play a song and have everyone shout out the name of the song and the artist. However, they play the song so loud that nobody can hear, especially when the whole crowd is shouting. They should just have one or two people from each team guessing at a time with the music way less loud. For the opposites game, everyone can shout at once because they are all saying the same word.

A lot of small random challenges are fun, such as hit the red button, kickstarter, and skip the ad. It helps to sit in the front row for these.

The score keeping is completely arbitrary at times. One thing is worth 1 point, while another is 5. Giving points for asking for more points. If there was an actual prize and rules, it would be more fun.


This has the feel of a very small show at iO or Second City. Almost all the props and set is made of cardboard. This is fine for a $10 show, but seems kind of ridiculous for an $80 one.

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Holy Cow! Cirque du Soleil Presents Zumanity at New York New York in Las Vegas (Open Run)

Fifteen minutes before the show is scheduled to start, Cassanova appears. He moves around the crowd flirting with the women and entertaining the crowd until he is dismissed by two women. They move around the crowd flirting with the men and handing out strawberries. Both of these acts are very funny and should not be missed.


A muscled man descends from the ceiling with a D shaped device. The straight part is a metal bar and the curved portion is a chain. Towards the end of the performance, he raises up about 40 ft holding onto the bar and tilting his head back over the chain. He then removes his hands and holds himself up only by his head. This is insane! He then repositions himself upside down and suspends himself with just one foot. Holy cow!


Later on, a giant glass bowl rises from beneath the stage filled with water and two women. They proceed to display impressive balancing feats combined with great contortions.

Those are the three highlights of the show. Zumanity is 18+ due to some of the performers appearing topless. As with all cirque shows, the space is quite small and there is no bad seat.

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Incredible! V – The Ultimate Variety Show at V Theater in the Miracle Mile Shops of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino (Open Run)

Wally Eastwood – Juggler

This man can juggle. I mean, really juggle. He juggled about 4 ping pong balls using his mouth to launch the balls up. It was insane. Later in the show, he brought out a piano that plays a note whenever he drops a ball onto it. He very impressively plays “Fur Elise” by Beethoven using about 6 balls. It was truly incredible.

Iouri & Gabor – Ultimate Balancing Act

This impressive duo features a lot of incredible balancing positions. In one of them, the man on top uses just one hand on the other’s head to balance himself. The most grand one was when the man on the bottom held the other one upside down with their heads back to back, just using their shoulders. It was unbelievable!

Russ Merlin – Prop Comedian


Russ Merlin begins his show by trying to find four men that are 5’11” by looking at the seated audience. He successfully finds 3 and the 4th is 6’1”. Not too shabby. He then invites them all on stage. He goes on to put very funny masks on all them and teach them all some basic actions to do when he taps them on the shoulder. In essence, he turns them into his puppets and it makes for a very funny show.

The Skating Aratas

On about a 4 foot wide circular platform, the performers spin up to 45 mph on roller skates. The man picks up the woman and spins her around just by her legs. Then, to increase the intensity, they use a figure 8 device that puts a loop over each of their heads. He then proceeds to spin her around without using his hand in a fantastic finale. The crowd gave them a standing ovation!


Cost of a ticket: $95

PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Half Price +

Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother


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