Absolutely Hilarious! Do the Right Thing, No Worries If Not at Second City (Open Run)

Welcome to our country club in Connecticut. It’s diverse because we have him (motions to the one black guy). We have so many amenities including a golf course, two swimming pools, and a sandbox where you can leave your kids. Cut to a scene where a parent is digging frantically in sandbox. My son is buried in the sand! Help! Another person steps us and says “Stop digging, he’s gone. This happens all time, it’s okay.” Cut to later on in the same location. Hi, I’m from Des Moines. Oh, hi, I’m from Marshalltown, which is also in Iowa. Then a third person enters and says “Excuse me, can you move, I’m trying to put here.” Oh, this hole is closed. A kid died here.

Photos by Timothy M. Schmidt

This is the crazy scene completely improvised by the cast for the third act. It exemplifies their great improvisational talent and creativity. The audience is laughing the entire show through scene likes this in addition to all the great scripted material.

E.J. Cameron (The Best Decision You’ve Ever Made, Grinning from Fear to Fear) is great as the one black guy at the country club. He is truly having a great time on stage, especially when making audience members uncomfortable. Evan Mills (Together at Last) is excellent while singing his song in which he instructs people to raise their hand if they fall into certain groups. Both of them could easily be on SNL soon. Julia Morales is so funny as the manager of Blackbuster, where they rent out the black version of every movie. Kiley Fitzgerald is so funny in a scene where she is sprawling around on the floor. Andy Bolduc is exceptional as so many characters including the man doing an Irish goodbye. Lastly, Claire McFadden is hilarious as the immigrant completely lost in the support group for people with unpopular beliefs.

Cost of a ticket: $35 and up
PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Exceptional Value
Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother

Get tickets now for Do the Right Thing, No Worries If Not!

Quinn Delaney


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