Southern Rock and Roll – Erin Rae opening for Lord Huron at The Vic Theatre (June 11, 2022)

Erin Rae has a very good voice. It’s very soothing and matches well with her folky southern rock and roll style. It’s perfect music for a summer BBQ. The electric guitarist, Sean Thompson, shines during his solos. The drummer, Griffin Photoglou, and bassist, Alec O’Connell, are absolutely solid as well.

To close out the set, they play “Modern Woman”.  “Round up the old perceptions / Lay them on down / They’re only tellin’ stories and they’re / Getting in the way / Right now / Cause you can’t see the future / Can’t change the past / Come see a modern woman”. It’s a great example of their smooth Nashville sound.

See a recent setlist here.

Quinn Delaney


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