A Modern Love Story – The Artistic Home Presents The Pavilion at The Den Theatre (Through June 5th, 2022)

Kari and Peter are former high school sweethearts who won the Cutest Senior Couple Award. They run into each other at their 20th high school reunion. She is a bit unhappy in her marriage to a golf pro, who seems to love golf more than her. Peter moved to the city after high school leaving Kari behind. Now, he has been dating a 23 year old for 3 years and is ready to move on. In fact, he wants Kari back. 

It’s a funny, philosophical, and emotional ride as the audience learns their story and then wonders if there is a future with them together.

Todd Wojcik (Eurydice, Wellesley Girl)  is outstanding as the narrator, the minister, the police chief, Peter’s friends, Kari’s friends, and many more. Usually they are interacting with Kari or Peter, but sometimes he plays multiple characters interacting with other in a hilarious fashion. He expertly switches between all the characters he portrays. John Mossman is excellent as Peter, who truly wants to make things right and get back together. Kristin Collins is great as Kari, who sees the situation from a more comprex perspective which she beautfully explores.

Cost of a ticket: $36

PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Worth It +

Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother

Get tickets now for The Pavilion through June 5th!

Quinn Delaney

P.S. At intermission, the audience is allowed to change seats and I recommend doing just that.


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