Review: Compass Theatre Presents Wellesley Girl at Theatre Wit (Through February 5, 2022)

The year is 2465 and fewer than 435 Americans are alive. Everyone is a member of Congress. A group of people are camping just beyond the walls of the city and Congress must decide how to act. Should they send a diplomatic emissary or should they attack first and ask questions later? It’s a heated debate as they decide how to proceed.

Firstly, the idea that everyone would be in Congress is quite silly. The idea that the size of the cast equals the number of Congress members does make sense. The arguments in session are great as they spar over procedure and their course of action.

Todd Wojcik (Eurydice, Requiem for a Heavyweight) is excellent as the warmonger politician pushing the attack first mission with a complete disregard for the rules of Congress. Darren Jones is fantastic as his main adversary, pushing for diplomacy and following procedure. Denise Hoeflich is great as the leader of Congress, trying to maintain order in the chaotic environment. When she comes home, she is comforted by Ted James (School for Lies), who plays her robot husband. He is absolutely hilarious as he tries to figure out human politics.

Brandon Boler is solid as the reluctant congressman who abstains from voting most of the time. His wife, Allyce Torres, is superb as she expresses her outrage over her husband’s actions and then a second time against the attack first option. Deanna Reed-Foster (The First Deep Breathe, Be Here Now) is great as the only member of the Supreme Court. She exudes authority and leadership. Lastly, Noah Villarreal and Grant Lewis are solid in their supporting roles.

Cost of a ticket: $40

PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Worth It –

Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother

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