Exceptional World Premiere! Steppenwolf Theatre Company and Center Theatre Group present King James at Steppenwolf (Through April 10, 2022)

Matt is looking to sell the remainder of his season tickets for Lebron’s rookie season. He wants to sell them in person to a long time Cavs fan. Shawn is such a fan and wants to buy them, but doesn’t have the amount that Matt is asking for. After Matt receives word that another offer fell through, he decides to sell them to Shawn for his original offer Shawn is so excited to go to the games that he didn’t even think who he would bring with him. He decides to bring Matt and a new friendship is born.

Flash forward seven years. Lebron has just announced that he will be playing for the Miami Heat next season. Matt and Shawn are devastated. Shawn also has some big news to share. He has been accepted to grad school and is going to move to New York for the 2 year program. Matt is shocked that this is the first time he is hearing about this. They are best friends and Matt shares everything. Shawn says that he is shy about sharing things related to his writing.

The story continues to jump forward as we follow Matt and Shawn along with Lebron’s career. It’s a great story of male friendship and how they bond over sports. It is also about how they support each through different stages of their life. After each jump forward, they are in much different places professionally. It’s a true bromance.

The set is world class. Todd Rosenthal designed a fantastic set. Also, it’s an impressive moment when the set spins on stage to reveal the second scene.

Chris Perfetti (The Night Of) is excellent as Matt, who dreams of owning a classy downtown bar. Glen Davis (Downstate, The Christians, You Got Older)  is super as Shawn, who aspires to be a professional writer. They have great chemistry together as they support each other’s careers and talk Cavs basketball. At times, they also have more difficult conversations about life and race that bring them closer together. Ensemble member Rajiv Joseph (Guards at the Taj), a native of Cleveland, has written an exceptional story that will be a hit.

Cost of a ticket: $20 -$88

PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Exceptional Value (For the Discounted $20 tickets)

Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother

Get tickets now for King James through April 10th in Chicago or from June 1st through July 3rd in LA.

Quinn Delaney


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