Unstoppable! The Score at Lincoln Hall (March 15, 2022)

The Score is an alternative rock band from New York City. The band was formed in 2011 by Eddie Anthony Ramirez (guitar and lead vocals) and Edan Chai Dover (keys and backing vocals). The Score’s last concert in Chicago took place in 2018 at Schubas and following a long break due to the pandemic, fans beamed with excitement as The Score took stage this past Thursday at Lincoln Hall to promote their latest album, Metamorph.

From the beginning of the show, until the very end, The Score continued to uplift their fans with each song and created an energy within the venue that only the power of great alternative rock can bring to life. This unique characteristic of instilling inspiration and motivation within their lyrics is what sets this band apart and allows their fans to feed off this electrifying positivity. Furthermore, their style of writing encompasses a universal theme which allows fans to truly connect to their songs as it can be applied to navigating any aspect of life from overcoming a break-up, financial hardships, or conquering life while living with a chronic illness.

For this tour, fans are treated to an eclectic set list featuring both older tunes and songs from their new album. From their ATLAS album, a couple of highlights included, “Higher” and “Revolution.” From their Carry On album, The Score had fans singing at the top of their lungs to “Stronger” and “Glory.” The audience erupted as the band sang “Head Up,” a song from their newly released album, Metamorph. All hands were in the air as fans sang along, “I gotta keep my head up, up, up, up. Up above the water, up above the water. Gotta keep my head up, up, up, up. I’m never going under, never going under….”

This song alone allowed the audience to release their daily stressors and obstacles as they are navigating the pandemic, along with all of the uncertainty in our world and find strength to move forward. This positivity carried through the end as they did an incredible job closing the show with ‘Legend” and “Unstoppable”, two songs from their ATLAS album which left fans walking out of the show eagerly waiting for the next tour!

For tickets to their next show for the Metamorph Tour, please click here: http://www.thescoremusic.com/tour



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