Excellent! The Yellow Rose Theater Presents Rooftop Theatre (August 21, 2021)

It’s a beautiful summer night in Chicago and a great time to be on a rooftop to enjoy some theatre. The Yellow Rose has put together a series of short theatre pieces, aka, sketches, which they perform in front of a small audience.

The first piece, Absent Minds, begins a bit incognito. The host introduces a hypnotist who first asks for three volunteers. Before he even starts, they start acting like they are already hypnotized in a quite hilarious manner. Afterwards there are two more sketches by Sam Sage. Eye Doctor is about a very odd visit to the doctor’s office. The Button includes a button which causes people to switch bodies. Both of them are very funny concepts that have everyone fully engaged and laughing

ZZ Top Café by Joseph Zaki is about a date gone wrong. It starts off innocently enough and then spirals into a more complex outcome than expected.

Lastly is All The Bars We Loved by Anna Lee. It is presented as a funeral for all the bars that closed permanently due to the pandemic. It only seems serious for a moment before it becomes hilarious and ridiculous. It was an excellent way to end the night.

The entire cast displayed great acting chops. It included Anna Yee, Delysa R., Joe Bushell, Joseph Zaki, Katherine Wettermann, Kelly Levander, Sam Sage, Sean Frett, and Sophia Vitello. It was directed by Anna Yee, Joseph Zaki, and Sean Frett.

Look for updates on their website for information about future rooftop theatre events and an upcoming spring 2022 production.

See our review of their last production, Gigi’s Party, here.



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