An EDM Dancing Violinist! Lindsey Stirling at Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island (August 20, 2021)

After two cancellations, Lindsey Stirling is finally taking the stage. The original date was August 10th, 2020, which was cancelled due to the pandemic. The second date was August 10th, 2021, which was cancelled last minute due to incoming storms. Thus, it is with great excitement that the audience cheers as she begins the opening number, “Artemis”, the title track from her latest album. 



It is immediately clear that this is no ordinary violin recital. As she enters the stage, Lindsey captures the audience by synchronizing her dance routine to her bow movements. Shortly after, four dancers join her in the choreography which sets the tone for a spectacular performance throughout the night. 



Later on, she tells a story about how she has long idolized Amy Lee, the lead singer of Evanescence. After numerous failed attempts, she finally is able to collaborate with her hero. The joy is clearly visible on her face as she launches in, “Love Goes On And On” with a video of Amy Lee singing in the background. The integration of this prerecorded video and the live instrumentation is flawless! 


Throughout the show, Lindsey entertains the audience both during and in between songs. At one point, she shares a story about coming to Chicago many years ago and going to Lou Malnati’s for pizza. Upon learning that they don’t just sell individual slices and that she would need to wait 45 minutes, she decides to go outside and find someone to have pizza with her. After a few failed attempts, one guy finally accepts. They have good conversation and enjoy the pizza. She still has his number in her phone listed as “Chicago Tom”. Someone in the audience yells out, “That’s me! I’m Chicago Tom!” Is it really him? We’ll never know as he wasn’t loud enough for her to confirm. 


A major highlight of the performance occurs when Lindsey is attached to a harness and lifted up in the air as she continues to play the violin. Shortly after, she continues to keep her audience at the edge of their seats as she does the same thing upside down! While her talent is a violinist is truly captivating, her ability to engage her audience with story-telling and synchronized dance movements that make her a triple threat. It is evident that this show has been well-crafted to create a full entertainment experience. 


Quinn Delaney 


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