Hilarious! Second City Presents What the Elf? at Up Comedy Club (Through January 1, 2023)

A pair of gift masters (GMs) take the stage. They explain that they will figure out the perfect gift for anyone. An audience member sitting on the rail raises her hand and is selected. She says she is looking to buy a gift for her sister’s boyfriend. The GMs make a funny face and then say that she should not get him a gift, but to tell them more about him anyways. She says he is a balding accountant who used to play hockey. The GMs literally put their heads together and come up with the idea. Get him a new life, including a new girlfriend who is not related to you!

Another audience member on the rail is selected to receive gift advice. He is looking for a gift for his fiancée. He says that she likes yoga, beaches, and talking with her friends. The GMs put their heads together and again come up with a great idea. Get her a girls trip to the beach with her friends!

Lastly, an audience member says she wants to get a gift for her father. He is stubborn, likes buying gifts for himself, and enjoys using tools. The GMs suggest getting him DVDs of the show “Escape to the Chateau” about renovating an old French Chateau. (Or getting him a subscription to Peacock, so he can stream it).

All of these ideas are really good and this is a fantastic improvised sketch to include in this show.

The entire cast is excellent. Tim Metzler is hilarious as the coworker who when he does mind reading, his body takes a big toll to do so. Javid Iqbal is so funny as the Holiday Cher and in the song about the Muslim holiday, Eid. Bill Letz is superb as the guy who just can’t get foreplay quite right. Yazmin Ramos cracks everyone up as the love interest in the Hallmark Channel movie and as she flies across the stage in the office chair dance. Maureen Boughey is so good as the star of the Hallmark movie, a high powered consultant from Boston sent to Holly, Iowa. Lastly, Jenelle Cheyne is fantastic as the deeply dark elf of death.

Cost of a ticket: $64 (GA)

PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Worth It

Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother

Get tickets now for What the Elf? through January 1st!

Quinn Delaney


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