Two One Woman Shows, Intermixed – Artemisia Theatre Presents Title X at Theater Wit (Through December 18, 2022)

Title X consists of nine scenes related to women’s fight for abortion rights. This is a very serious play which focuses on key issues that have been fought for throughout history, and continue to be at the forefront in our present. It is definitely not suitable for children.

The odd numbered scenes feature Melanie McNulty. The even numbered scenes feature Kaitlyn Cheng. They never interact with each other. Thus, this play feels like two one woman shows, intermixed.

Photos by Willow James

Kaitlyn Cheng is a newcomer who just recently earned her MFA in Acting from NIU. Her novice status showed as she fumbled a few lines and didn’t create deep characters. As the congresswomen giving a speech, it feels more like a lecture, rather than theatre. This was only the second performance after one preview. Hopefully her performance improves further into the run.

Melanie McNulty is excellent in her many roles. For one character, she is describing being assaulted by her boss followed by the long process of seeking justice. Her impersonation of the police officers who first interview her is both funny and emotionally provoking. She also plays a former drama student who was pressured by her professor to have a sexual relationship. It’s a very strong and powerful monologue.

Here is a breakdown of the scenes:

1) 1978. Rachel, 17, at a Planned Parenthood Clinic, New York City.

2)   2019. Jill, 35, addresses Congress on Capitol Hill.

3)   1988. Norma, 32, protests at an abortion clinic for Operation Rescue.

4)   2018. Kaya, an asylum officer, conducts a credible fear interview at the Texas-Mexico border.

5)   1979. Annie, late 20’s, visits her former college campus.

6)   1989. Paula, 40, speaks at a Right-to-Life Rally in Lincoln, Nebraska.

7)   2017. Kimi, 33, celebrates in her apartment.

8)   2004. Lill, late 30’s, Central Park.

9)   2020. Rachel, a mature woman, revisits her choice.

See the full program here.

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