Funny and Dramatic! Shattered Globe Theatre Presents STEW at Theater Wit (Through October 22, 2022)

A family has gathered to make a big stew for a large church event The grandmother is joined by her two daughters and one grand-daughter. The story begins very light-hearted and funny. They all get very excited about the youngest auditioning for a Shakespeare play. They all want to run lines with her and show off their talents. As the story continues, the tension and drama rises as many secrets are slowly revealed. Where are all the men is a major secret to discover.

Photos by Michael Brosilow

Zora Howard has written a great slice of life play about the black experience. Being a Pulitzer Prize Finalist is well deserved It’s a great balance of humor and drama.

The cast is excellent. Velma Austin is fantastic as the grandmother who loves cooking for her family and others. Demetra Dee (Relentless, Be Here Now) is so charming as the grand-daughter who is very shy about her upcoming audition. Jazzma Pryor is stellar as the elder daughter who wants to run everything. Jasmine Cheri Nush is great as the younger daughter who is so happy to have found her man.

See the full program here.

Cost of a ticket: $45 ($25 if under 30)

PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Worth It +

Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother

Get tickets now for STEW though October 22nd!

Quinn Delaney


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