Electronic Dance Pop! Great Good Fine Ok with Tedious & Brief at Lincoln Hall (April 17, 2022)

Tonight, Great Good Fine Ok bring their style of electronic dance pop from New York City to the Lincoln Hall. Right when they take the stage, they throw out small flashing lights and glow sticks into the crowd. The dancing starts early with “Not Going Home”. The melody is infectious.

At the perfect moment in the set, the keyboard player brings out a keytar and plays a solo that has the crowd jumping for joy.  It’s a pure rock and roll moment. The visuals at the show are outstanding. The lead singer is wearing a sparkling white jacket and he throws out glow sticks. This band really brings the party with a beat that gets everyone moving. .

For the encore, they play “Take It or Leave It”. From the moment they play first few notes, the audience starts moving with big smiles on their faces. “Oohh ooh oh. Will you take it or leave it? Will you run away when I need it?”

If you are looking for a fun and energetic band to dance the night away, Great Good Fine Ok is the band for you.

See the setlist for their 4/11 show here.

The opener, Tedious & Brief were great as well. Check out “Middle Class”.

Quinn Delaney


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