Cello Rock! The Happy Fits at The House of Blues Chicago (April 8, 2022)

The Happy Fits is a band from New Jersey consisting of three high school friends, Calvin Langman who plays the cello (yes – the cello!), Ross Monteith as the guitarist, and Luke Davis as the band’s drummer. While most graduating high school seniors spend their summer at the beach or traveling with their family, this trio embraced their passion for music and embarked on a productive summer by recording their debut EP, Awfully Apeelin’. As their freshmen counterparts pondered which career path to take, The Happy Fits solidified music as their major in their first semester and left college upon seeing their summer album flourish on Spotify.

Since then, the band released two albums and are presently touring with The Maine. As they entered the stage, the crowd cheered and one audience member was heard saying, “Is that a cello?” They opened the show with “Go Dumb,” a song from their 2020 album, What Could Be Better and fans sang along. After the song, Calvin took the microphone to greet their fans and address the elephant in the room – his cello! As the night unfolded and the band played songs from their 2018 album, Concentrate, including “Grow Back,” “Mary,” and “Heart of a Dancer,” it was evident that the inclusion of Langman’s cello is what sets this band apart and makes them a stand out band with continued growing success.

Their lyrics are fun, rebellious, and full of self-exploration as the band continues to grow both personally and professionally as artists. Their love and talent for music is matched with great synergy amongst each other. This was evident especially during “Mary” as Calvin and Ross jammed together in full force. In addition, the band’s fun and carefree vibe as they play transcends into the audience which creates a relaxing vibe and makes you feel that you do not have a single worry in the world at that moment. At one point in the show, Calvin shared that this was their largest audience in their career to date, and after this performance, it will only continue to grow!

Buy tickets for The XOXO Tour here: https://www.thehappyfits.com/tour.html

Cost of a ticket: $29
PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Worth It
Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother



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