Beautiful! Joffrey Ballet Presents Home: A Celebration at Lyric Opera (Through October 24, 2021)

Sometimes words fall short while pictures and videos do a much better job of describing the beauty that is a performance by the Joffrey Ballet. Luckily, Joffrey is good at putting up videos on YouTube and great pictures by Cheryl Mann are available also.

Birthday Variations

Choreography by: Gerald Arpino

Music by: Giuseppe Verdi

Swing Low

Choreography by: Chanel Dasilva

Music by: Zoe Keating

Photos by Cheryl Mann

Under the Trees’ Voices

Choreography by: Nicolas Blanc

Music by: Ezio Bosso


Choreography by: Yoshihisa Arai

Music by: Maurice Ravel

Also check out our review of Ensemble Español Spanish Dance Theatre which discusses all the local dance companies that have used this song in their performances.

Catch The Joffrey Ballet next in The Nutcracker from December 4th to 26th.

Quinn Delaney


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