Excellent! Fitz and the Tantrums at McGrath Amphitheatre in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (July 2, 2021)

Welcome to the McGrath Amphitheatre in central Iowa. This venue is located along the Cedar River with downtown Cedar Rapids as a backdrop. With the temperature at 75 degrees this evening, everyone is excited for one of the first post pandemic shows of the year. “Shout out to the guy who gets free concerts all summer!” says Fitz. He is speaking to the man on his balcony in a building across the street from the amphitheater. That is a great spot to have!

Fitz and the Tantrums did tour last year. In Chicago, they played a drive in show at the Lakeshore Drive In. Social distancing was in effect again at tonight’s show with every other row being left empty and empty seats between groups.

Late in the show, they announce that they will play a song for their long time fans that have been following them for the past 12 years they have been on the road. They launch into “Moneygrabber” from their debut album, Pickin’ up the Pieces. It’s such a catchy song that put them on the radar early on.

At one point, Michael “Fitz” Fitzpatrick calls attention to a young girl in the front row. He asks how old she is. She responds that she is 7. “Wow,” he says, “that t-shirt that you are wearing is older than you!”

After much applause at the end of their set, they return for an encore. To start, they play “Handclap”, a truly groovy song that gets everyone dancing and clapping along.

All night long, Fitz and Noelle Scaggs sing together exceptionally with great energy. James King is outstanding with his numerous saxophone sandals. The rythym section is solid with Jeremy Ruzumna on keys, Joseph Karnes on bass, and John Wicks on percussion.

Catch Fitz and the Tantrums on tour now!

Quinn Delaney


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