A Fresh Experience! Orlando Ballet Presents Uncorked at Harriet’s Orlando Ballet Center (February 23, 2021)

Uncorked is a behind the scenes look at the creation of a ballet. Six dancers are divided into two groups of three. The first group of three is instructed how to enter the stage by the first choreographer. One of the dancers enters earlier than he wanted, so he tells him to get back. Instead of just erasing this mistake, he decides to keep the false entrance as part of the piece, giving it a comedic beginning. Continuing on, move by move, he instructs them how to do a dance he is making up on the spot. It’s very impressive how quickly the professional dancers pick it up and then are able to recreate it. After the first group completes about a minute’s worth of the piece, the second group of three takes the stage and does the exact same dance that they just watched. This is quite a feat to recreate it on spot like that.

Next, a second choreographer comes on stage and creates the second part of the piece. After creating the piece, they decide to switch from live piano playing to, “No More I Love You’s” by Annie Lennox. The dancers easily adapt and adjust to match the tempo of the song. It’s a fantastic display of their skill.

Finally, a third choreographer comes on to the create the last minute. During this entire process, everyone is wearing masks except the choreographer who removes theirs so they can be heard clearly. Unlike in theatre, or in an opera, when the performers wear masks, it doesn’t take much away from the performance. The focus is more on their body than on their like face.

Also being showcased tonight was the brand new Orlando Ballet Center, which opened in January of 2020. It’s modern, sleek, and the open style allowed for plenty of social distancing.

Overall, it was a very fresh experience that all fans of dance should experience. It adds an appreciation to the final work that is created.

Cost of a ticket: $30

PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Exceptional Value

Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother

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Quinn Delaney


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