Very Funny! The Sketch Show at Spitfire Comedy House in St. Petersberg, FL (Open Run)

A man sits down for some “me” time. He pulls out his phone to play a new game that he is very excited to play. Before he can start, he has to share his name. Then, he gets to start attacking his enemies with jab slaps! Soon, he is asked for his credit card. Next, he gets num-chuks and resumes fighting the enemies. Soon after, it asks to have access to all his contacts. This goes on and on with funnier weapons and more intrusive personal requests. It’s a hilarious sketch about freemium video games and how much we are willing to share. This is just one example of the many funny sketches in this show.

A running gag is that the show was purchased by a butter company. I can’t believe it’s not butter jokes pile on. Also, they often use video clips showing them meeting to make the show. It’s very meta and funny.

A clip from a different show, The Gym

The entire cast is solid. Everyone is hilarious and has clearly worked on their craft. Here is the cast list along with the crew.


Mike Shurtz
Mike McNeil
Hannah Noel
Jenn Ryan
Nick Rigs

Amadeus Dameron

Tech: Jesse Weinstein
Film: Warren Buchholz
Head Writer: Coleman O’Toole
Director: Nick Rigs

They change the show monthly and it runs for 40 minutes. Tickets are $20 for in person or $10 for streaming access.

Get tickets now for The Sketch Show.

Quinn Delaney


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