Funny and Impressive! Aura CuriAtlas Physical Theatre Presents Dream Logic and The Fool and the World at Steppenwolf Theatre (January 11, 2020)


AC 05 - Dream Logic - Krayola 2

The light shines down on the three crayons. They jump up and down hoping to be chosen, fighting each other for position. The light goes off and disappointment fills their faces. They were not picked. Shortly after, the light returns and they again jockey for position and try to push the others out of the way. This is a hilarious and very fun opening piece. The performers are clearly enjoying themselves and the audience is eating it up.

 Couples Therapy

A couple begrudgingly enters the room. A voice tells them to begin. They start on the obstacle course and the woman quickly trips. “Again!” says the voice. This time, the woman jumps over the obstacle, but then the man gets hit in the face. “Again!” This choreography unfolds in a cyclical pattern and the audience has an opportunity to enjoy their success as they progress with each sequence. This piece not only provides entertainment, but it truly draws the audience in as it evokes feelings of connectedness and relatability. The performers beautifully depicted the power of perseverance and true partnership and its impact on successful and happy relationships

 Lecture (Excerpt from A Life With No Limits)

 A man enters to give a lecture. While he lectures, the other performers lie on the ground and pass him along mainly using their legs. Afterwards, the lecturer places them in various intricate and acrobatic positions. This piece is very impressive, both athletically and visually.

 The Fool and the World

AC 10 - TFATW - Fool

The idea of this piece is to create a dance to represent each of the 22 main tarot cards. After performing the full deck, an audience member is invited on stage to draw three cards, which they will perform. The audience is instructed to think of a question that is personally important to them. Firstly, she draws The Sun, which represents the past. This dance is very joyful and playful and could represent a fun childhood. Secondly, she draws The Emperor. The dancers perform this act with power, control, and strength, which could represent a hard-working adulthood. Lastly, she draws The Devil. The performers present a feeling of personal demons and struggle. This could represent a major challenge in midlife. It was a very interesting way to explore the tarot cards through acrobatic dance.

AC 12 - TFATW - Hanged Man

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Quinn Delaney


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