Very Funny! Chicago Sketchfest Opening Night Featuring Hacks and Parv & Pudi (Through January 19, 2020)


Maeve Devitt and Kimberly Florian are very funny together. Early on in the show, they do a great bit about cuffing season where they go into the audience and handcuff themselves to strangers.

Later on, Kimberly does a parody of a Christmas song with the lyrics changed to be about invading Iraq. The result is very comedic indeed.

Maeve’s father was a widower before he married her mom. She performs a song about her “cool” mom compared to her alive mom. It’s very edgy, a little cringe worthy, and absolutely hilarious.

The piano player gives them puzzle pieces throughout the show. They eventually put together the puzzle and it is an invoice. He hasn’t been paid yet!

Hacks does very smart, political, and edgy comedy!


Parv & Pudi

Parvesh Cheena (Outsourced, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) and Danny Pudi (Community) are two of the biggest names in this festival. They do a funny sketch where one of them plays an uber driver and the other is the passenger. The drivers asks “Where are you from?” “Chicago.” “No, where are you really from?” says the driver, wanting to know where in India. After giving the answer, they quickly switch spots and repeat the sketch enforcing how often this happens to them. It’s mildly funny.

At the end of the show, they perform four short comedic dances. The punchline is then the titles of the dances, which they reveal afterwards. “I don’t have to go to the bathroom.” “Move out of the way”. It may have been funnier to hear the titles first.

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Quinn Delaney


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