Hilarious! Deck the Hallmark: A Greeting Card Original at Second City (Through December 31, 2019)

Holly Sweetberry is a busy business woman working in NYC. She doesn’t have time for Christmas cheer. She is dating a very handsome man, played by a cardboard cutout of Dean Cain (Supergirl). However, he still hasn’t proposed to her. One day, her boss gives her a very important letter to hand deliver to Humbletown, her hometown! While she is there, she runs into a man she grew up with and to her surprise, begins to discover an undeniable connection. This causes her to question her current lifestyle.


As Holly embarks on a journey of self-discovery, the audience is captivated and follows her path which consists of memorable moments filled with humor. At one point, Holly seeks advice from her grandparents (a random couple in the audience). She poses questions related to understanding how they knew they were each other’s soulmates. They say that they met when the woman jumped into the man’s cab at O’Hare International Airport in order to share a ride into the city. His first impression of her was that she was “interesting”. Holly then asks about their first date. They talk about going to Greek town and drinking a lot. A pair of actors then come on to the stage to reenact their first date. The woman takes about 20 shots in a row while the man watches in awe. He then simply says, “Hmm, interesting.”   


Bri Fitzpatrick (The One: The Matrix Parody Musical) is hilarious as Holly Sweetberry, the modern-day Scrooge. Henrik Blix is hysterical as the perfect hometown man. Jess DeBacco is so funny as the Uber driver who just keeps reappearing! Rob Grabowski is excellent as the Mayor and Holly’s Republic father. George Elrod and Shelby Plummer are great together as Holly’s NYC and Humbletown friends. They are the Greek chorus of the show who have a funny comment on everything. This original new two-act show was written for The Second City by Anneliese Toft with Carisa Barecca, Kelsey Kinney, and Adam Schrek.


This production is a hilarious parody of cheesy Christmas romantic comedies. It will have you laughing and saying awww the whole time! Also, the ending is very modern and quite satisfying. It’s not the cheesy finish you might expect!


Get tickets now for Deck the Hallmark through December 31st!


Cost of a ticket: $36

PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Worth It

Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother


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