Excellent! Jukebox the Ghost at Thalia Hall (April 8, 2023)

Jukebox the Ghost just released an album this year titled Cheers. For the second song of their set, they play “Million Dollar Bills”. Someone from the second floor throws million dollar bills up into the air and they rain down on the audience below. It’s a very cool visual.

Later on, Thornewill brings out a spinning wheel with song names written on it. He has an audience member spin the wheel to determine the next song. It lands on “Postcard”. “One of the rules about the wheel, is that we aren’t allowed to practice the songs”, says Tommy Siegel, the guitarist. Still, they play it perfectly, like true pros.

The drummer, Jesse Kristen, comes to the front of the stage, and is met with great applause. He sings the beginning of the song, “Hollywood”. He draws out the words in a funny lackadaisical manner. “If all the world’s a stage, then you’re my favorite actress. If all of life’s a game, I sure could use the practice.” He then runs back to his kit and the song picks up the beat. Ben Thornewill (Piano) sings “It’s the kind of love that doesn’t exist anymore. You want Hollywood, this is real life!” It’s great lyrics like this that really describe what it’s like to be in the relationship that audiences strongly connect with.

For the encore, they begin with “You Make My Dreams (Come True)”. This is such a fun 80’s song and everyone eats it up as they sing and dance along. Hall & Oates would be proud. The entire audience walks out with a smile on their face hoping they will see this great band again soon.

See the full setlist here.

Quinn Delaney


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