A Sublime Party! Badfish with Kash’d Out and The Quasi Kings at House of Blues Chicago (February 9, 2023)

A Badfish show is a party celebrating the music of Sublime. They truly capture the vibe and the sound of the band. The lead singer sounds just like Bradley Nowell.

Early in the set, the lead singer from Kash’d Out, Greg Shields, joins them on stage to sing “Badfish”.  “Ain’t got no quarrels with God / Ain’t got no time to grow old / Lord knows I’m weak / Won’t somebody get me off of this reef?” It’s such a great song and Shields nails it. Read our review of Kash’d Out from last year here.

Midway into the set, they play Sublime’s biggest hit, “Santeria”, which has over 567 millions stream on Spotify. “I don’t practice Santeria, I ain’t got no crystal ball / Well, I had a million dollars but I’d, I’d spend it all”. The audience joyfully sings along to every word.

Later on, the singers from The Quasi Kings, Benny and Zach Coleman, join them on stage to sing an excellent version of “Rivers of Babylon”, which is originally a song by The Melodians.

To end the night, they play “What I Got”. “Got to find a reason why my money’s all gone / I got a Dalmatian and I can still get high / I can play the guitar like a motherfuckin’ riot”. It’s a perfect song to send the crowd out with a big smile on their face.

See the full setlist from Columbus a few nights earlier here.

Cost of a ticket: $28

PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Worth It

Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother

Quinn Delaney


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