Solid! The World Premiere of Bald Sisters at Steppenwolf Theatre (Through January 21, 2023)

Two sisters are trying to sort out the details of their mother’s funeral. The elder sister, named Him, was by her side as she was dying. She already went ahead and made funeral arrangements. The other sister, Sophea, didn’t even know her mother was dying until after the fact. Upon returning to town, she insists that her mother be cremated in accordance with Buddhist tradition, to help her soul reincarnate. Him struggles with her history as a Cambodian refugee while Sophea searches for her identity as she was born after they fled the country.

Vichet Chum has written a very complex but balanced play about Cambodian refugees. It interweaves flashbacks seamlessly with drama and humor.

It really could use an intermission. Multiple audience members exited during the long play which was very distracting. After the climactic fight between the sisters would be a perfect time for this.

Photos by Michael Brosilow

Jennifer Lim is excellent as Him, the responsible older sister who feels like it’s all on her shoulders. Francesca Fernandez McKenzie is great as Sophea, the rebellious younger sister trying to grapple with the situation. Wai Ching Ho is outstanding as the wise-cracking mother who says whatever she wants. Coburn Goss is solid as Him’s husband, the light hearted and caring Christian pastor. Lastly, Nima Rakhshanifar is very funny as the college student who cuts their grass and enjoyed conversations with their mother.  

Cost of a ticket: $64 (Standard Ticket)

PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Worth It –

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Get tickets now for Bald Sisters through January 21st!

Quinn Delaney

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