Impressive! Broadway in Chicago and Cabaret Zazou Present Luminaire (Open Run)

Luminaire is a cabaret style variety show. Here is a list of the top acts.

James Harkness and Liv Warfield

These singers are very talented. They really express well with their vocals. Their playlist is very well chosen and includes “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley, “Smokin Out The Window” by Silk Sonic, and “What You Do” by James Gillespie.

Viktor Kee

This man can juggle. I mean, really juggle. So many balls fall from the ceiling and he seamlessly juggles them. He also randomly throws balls into the audience knocking silverware onto the floor. It’s not clear if this is intentional or not as the stage managers scurry to gather the balls.

Trio Vertex

This group is the highlight of the show. On about a 6-foot-wide circular platform, the performers spin up to 40 mph on roller skates. The man picks up the woman and spins her around just by her arms. Then, to increase the intensity, they use a figure-8 device that puts a loop over each of their heads. He then proceeds to spin her around without using his hand in a fantastic finale. The crowd gave them a standing ovation!

Later on, one man is hanging upside down from a trapeze hanging from the ceiling. The other man lifts up the lady to the other. The trapeze then rises about 10 feet to the ceiling. Suddenly, he drops her headfirst and the other man catches her after a moment of shock. The entire audience has their mouth open gaping in amazement.  

Cost of a ticket: $118

PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Half Price +

Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother

Get tickets now for Luminaire!

Quinn Delaney


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