Top 7 Moments of Howie Day at City Winery Chicago (August 4, 2022)

1. Early on he introduces a song saying he barely remembers how to play it. The song is “Secret” from the Australia album. It turns out that intro was an early example of his sense of humor.

2. Later, he starts a song saying it is by a small Irish band. It is “One” by U2. His version sounds amazing. It’s very impressive.

3. Next up is a “deep cut”, according to Howie. It is his biggest hit, “Collide”, which has over 376 million streams if you count both the regular and acoustic version together. In the middle of the song, he jokes that he doesn’t get paid if he doesn’t play this one.

4. Another song is introduced as a once in a decade song. One that he feels is one of his best. It is “Treetops”. He says that a few couples used it as their wedding song. And rightly so, as it is a very romantic song.

5. At one point, he talks about his DIY merch. It is some art that he created during the pandemic shutdown. Some of it includes handwritten lyrics to “Collide” and other songs.

6. The next song is “Be There”, he says. The audience doesn’t react much. “I guess not”, he jokes. Afterwards, he says how the song could be transformed into a country tune called “Beer There”. With some encouragement from the crowd, he goes on to play a minute of this version. He sings in a spot on low country voice and alters the lyrics hilariously to be in the country style. He says he could do a whole set that way.

7. Throughout the whole night, he uses a loop pedal that allows him to layer up his sound and make it sound much bigger than just one person on stage.

See the full setlist here.

Quinn Delaney


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