Review: Alvin Ailey at the Auditorium Theatre (Through March 8th)

A Case of You (2005)

Choreography by Judith Jamison

AAADT'S Jamar Roberts and Jacqueline Green in A Case of You from Judith Jamison's Reminiscin'. Photo by Paul Kolnik (3)

Jacqueline Green, Jamar Roberts in A Case of You Choreography: Judith Jamison Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Credit Photo: Paul Kolnik nyc 212-362-7778

Music by Joni Mitchell; Performed by Diana Krall

 This is a very romantic duo dance. The woman wears a fantastic red dress. At one point, she runs up the man and jumps up onto this thighs in an impressive move. It is full of emotion. The piece starts with about a minute of no music. This may work well in other venues, but in the large Auditorium Theatre in the middle of winter, the sound of coughing is the soundtrack.

 Fandango (1995)

Choreography by Lar Lubovitch

Linda-Denise Fisher-Harrell and Richard Witter in Lar Lubovitchs Fandango circa 1995. Photo by Roy Volkmann

Music by Maurice Ravel

 Alvin Ailey has another piece that also uses Ravel’s Bolero, Walking Mad (2016). This other piece matched the playful sound of the music much better than this one. This dance was athletic and strong, a complete mismatch with the music that resulted in a mixed experience.


Revelations (1960)

Choreography by Alvin Ailey

 This is a full company piece that is met with a loud applause right when it starts. It’s gospel music that plays which gives the piece a religious feel. It’s happy, sad, and beautiful. Since its premiere, it has been performed continuously around the globe and it has become the most widely seen modern dance piece in the world.

This program will be repeated on Sunday at 3pm. The other performances will include different dances.


Get tickets now for Alvin Ailey through Sunday!

Cost of a ticket: $140 (Back Orchestra)

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Quinn Delaney


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